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  • Metal Storage Box

Protecting Your Belongings With our compact Storage Box

Our STOR-ALL compact storage box is precisely sized so that it fits nicely behind seats or in the rear of cars. It can be mounted on the inside rear wall or floor of a pickup truck or placed in the trunk of a car. This unit is smaller than tool boxes that are mounted in the bed of pick up trucks, but larger than a glove box. The STOR-ALL is not too big, not too small; it's just right.


Available in sturdy metal or wood that is designed to last, the STOR-ALL box features three hinged, lids that keep all of your belongings secure. It is 4' X 6" X 12" and can be a stand alone box, or you could integrate it at the point of manufacture into new cars and trucks. The container holds:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Alcohol
  • Handy Tools
  • Jumper Cables
  • Maps
  • Cleaning Products
  • Tire Gauges
  • Water Bottles
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Ice Scrapers
  • Flashlights

Shipping & Returns

Installation instructions are included with every purchase or you can download them. We offer a 30-day exchange or money-back guarantee. However, customer is responsible for return or shipping expenses.

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Metal Box and Wooden Box