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The Storage Solution for Your vehicle

STOR-ALL is made in the USA

Vehicle & Garage Storage Boxes

Consider all of the gadgets that we keep in our vehicle that get misplaced, roll around under the seats, or are never found. Everything from flashlights to work gloves to ice scrapers can easily go missing and are nowhere in sight when we need them most. With our wood or aluminum truck tool boxes, or STOR-ALL, losing essential items, or worse, have it roll under the brake or gas pedal can create dangerous situations in your vehicle. This no longer has to be your situation. These compact truck tool boxes are the perfect solution for keeping up with all of the tools and essentials for your vehicle.

Compact STOR-ALL boxes can be placed on the floor of your truck, in the trunk, or even mounted on the inside rear wall of the cab. They also provide an ideal storage solution for your garage. No matter where you choose to use your STOR-ALL, these vehicle and garage storage boxes with three lockable lids that will allow you to keep everything in one safe and secure location. Have peace of mind when you know exactly where to find what you need, when you need it.

Deluxe Silver Diamond Grid Aluminum - $275  $199 For a Limited Time Only 
Painted Solid Wood Box-------------$175 $87.50 That's 50% OFF For a
Limited Time
 Only (Please specify color on checkout page)
Beautiful Natural Wood Box ------$149 $74.50 That's 50% OFF For a Limited Time Only 

Also, it is narrow enough to fit in front of or behind rear seat in extended cab trucks. (Only 6" wide)

For wholesale rates and bulk orders, please contact our business office.

28% Off

New and Improved!

Box• American Built 
• Super Heavy Duty Grade Aluminum 
• Online Ordering Available
• Excellent Workmanship 
• Easy Installation 
• Sharp Looking and Durable
• Provides Central Place For Necessities
• Ideal Addition To Any Truck, Car Or Workshop
• STOR-ALL Exclusive To This Site (Patent Pending)
• Fast Free Shipping 
• Unequaled Value 

Keep your belongings safe with STOR-ALL

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Stor-All Box Mounted To Rear, Wall, Or Floor In Pickup

Take the work out of keeping your Vehicles organized

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Pickup Truck Interior With Stor-All Box

Always know where to find everything in your vehicle

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Storage Box Mounting Holes


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